The 6 Most commonly Overlooked Signs Of Ovarian Cancer

A Silent Killer

A Silent Killer
Reports indicate than approximately 22,280 women will in fact this year be diagnosed in the United States with ovarian cancer, and that 14,240 women are likely to die. here is Signs Of Ovarian Cancer.It is indeed sad that most of these women lack the general knowledge regarding ovarian cancer, and therefore tend to ignore the signs of this deadly disease until it is a little too late. Many of them only find out when the disease is advanced and in its final stages where it becomes very stubborn and difficult to treat.
Just like the name suggests, ovarian cancer is a cancerous growth occurring in the ovaries. If not detected early enough, the cancerous tumor is likely to spread to other parts really fast. In most cases, this tumor arises from the outer lining of the ovaries known as the epithelium. This explains why of ovarian tumors, epithelial ovarian tumors occur the most. There are three main groups of associated tumors;
a. Benign epithelial tumor-These are noncancerous
b. Low malignant epithelial tumor-Are borderline tumors that may become cancerous
c. Malignant epithelial tumor-Most common cause of ovarian cancer
More often than not, the signs of this disease are overlooked by both the healthcare providers and the patients themselves. This is largely due to the fact that some of these symptoms can easily pass for other less life-threatening health conditions. In view of that, here is a list of the 6 most commonly disregarded signs to look out for, and consult widely with your doctor.

Signs Of Ovarian Cancer

1Spotting in Between Your Periods

This is referred to as intermenstrual bleeding and is relatively common

This is referred to as intermenstrual bleeding and is relatively common. It can occur due to a bunch of reasons ranging from stress, hormone imbalance and change of medication to vaginal dryness. Due to this, proper diagnosis should be the focus in today’s health care.