Suzeth Cordova - Cancer Survivor Video,

Suzeth Cordova - Cancer Survivor Video

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:Cervical cancer in women younger than age 20 is rare, however older women always remain at risk. Although it’s a type of cancer that can be considered slow growing, in certain circumstances, like most cancers, cervical cancer can grow and spread quickly if not treated. Suzette Cordova, from Cebu City, didn’t think twice about taking Classique’s Agaricus Blazei Murill when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Even without taking the oral chemo, she had beat the cancer by religiously taking Classique products for several months. Not only that, she was also relieved of other health concerns, which for her, is an added benefit. Years later, she is still a living testimony. Real people, real stories. Suzette Cordova, certified cervical cancer survivor. Just one of thousands whose health improved with the help of Classique Herbs food supplements and by keeping the faith. And it took just one friend who cared enough to share an alternative health solution, the Classique way. To learn more about the products or need health recommendations, just send us a PM or a message here at the Classique Online Store. We take in orders and shipping is available nationwide via LBC (FREE for orders SRP P1000 and up). Please like and share the page and the post. One day, this just might save another person in need. 🙂 For inquiries and other testimonials, Like our facebook page:

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